HP ranks first in EMEA Canalys vendor benchmark survey


Canalys runs an online channel community, Candefero. It has been inviting channel partners to join the initiative since the project began in 2007, selecting senior executives and verifying their credentials to confirm they work for a channel partner, which is authorized by one of the major vendors. Candefero currently has 8,500+ members around the world.


The vendor benchmark collates channel partners’ experiences of working with different vendors, showing their strengths and weakness, and the improvements being made. It captures what vendors have done well recently and what they have done badly, by asking partners to rate their performance (score out of 10) on a 10-question survey. 

This is a huge achievement for HP. This kind of benchmark tends to favor the smaller niche vendors rather than the giants. All the effort you, and your teams, have put into the channel is being recognized.
Steve Brazier
Canalys CEO

Partners can only rate the vendors that they sell, which is confirmed when they add these vendors to their company profiles.

The vendor survey looks at the following metrics:

- Ease of doing business 
- Margin retention and overall profitability 
- Generating growth through service and support opportunities
- Usefulness of portals and electronic tools 
- Quality of technical support provided to channel partners and their customers 
- Marketing activities and lead generation
- Product availability and supply 
- Accreditation and specialization programs 
- Effectiveness of their account management 
- Managing conflcits with other resellers and their direct sales teams

The vendor benchmark has been live since 2010 and has collected over 22,000 benchmarks. The algorithm behind the scoring remains proprietary and its results are refreshed daily to show the latest partner feedback. As of 03 October 2016, HP ranked first in EMEA.